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Vin Diesel laser cut out of ham and cheese is a sandwich masterpiece

Vin Diesel never looked so good.

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Future lasers may mimic gamma-ray bursts

New laser facilities coming online in the next few years will be able to recreate the birth of a gamma-ray burst on a scale that won't blow up the lab, researchers say.

Artists Etch Comic Strip Into a Single Strand of Hair

The eye-strain implications alone are staggering. To promote the upcoming Exceptional Hardware Software Meeting (EHSM) in Hamburg, Germany, a team of DIY artists and scientists has etched the world’s smallest comic strip on a single human hair. SEE A...

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The U.S. Navy is set to deploy its first laser weapon this summer, and hopes to add electromagnetic rail guns to its arsenal by 2016, according to a new report. The Laser Weapon System looks like a modern white cannon, and is set to be deployed on th...

Nike Sets Up Laser Soccer Fields Across Madrid

Nike Football Spain is putting an innovative spin on the concept of pick-up soccer games. Its method? Laser beams. As part of its #MiPista ("my track" in Spanish) campaign, Nike is promoting street-specific soccer shoes, the FC247 line, with insta-so...

Ancient Cambodian City Revealed in Laser Scan

Airborne laser scanning has revealed the remnants of a vast urban structure in the vicinity of Angkor Wat, a famous temple in Cambodia. The study, which will be published soon in the journal PNAS, follows earlier research that showed Angkor Wat to ha...

Cut Food With a Laser Instead of a Knife

The kitchen of the future could have no knives. A conceptual design submitted to this year's James Dyson Awards -- a competition for young designers to come up with problem-solving inventions -- would have cooks placing food in a spherical pod to be ...

Laser System Paints Information on the Road Ahead

Head-up displays, which project visual data onto the windshield and the driver's view of the road, are debuting in a growing number of car models. But more vibrant, compact, and efficient displays being developed by Microvision, a company based in Re...

Apple Now Offers Free iPad Engraving

Planning to buy an iPad? Apple has just sweetened the deal with the possibility to add a laser-engraved message onto the back of your iPad for free. Cool as it may be, laser-engraved iPads come with certain caveats. The shipping time is a bit longer,...